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Solutions for capturing and reusing fermentative CO2 in wineries to optimize environmental footprint
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CO2 Winery is a range of solutions designed to capture the fermentative CO2 naturally emitted during wine fermentation in the winery.

Once this CO2 has been recovered, the CO2 Box purifies and compresses it, then stores it so that winegrowers can use it at will, in the form of gas, dry ice or carbo ice, without having to buy it externally. We are part of a circular economy.

In addition to the usual uses of CO2 in wineries, we also offer new uses for CO2, with solutions such as CO2 water, which reduces water consumption in the winery by over 50% for tank cleaning and rinsing operations.

The CO2 vinif solutionoptimizes the extraction process during vinification, while limiting the energy and water consumption normally required by traditional pumping-over processes.

Finally, we are working on the development of a new "Less Alco" solution that will enable us to reduce the alcohol content of wines by a few degrees, naturally, with very low energy consumption and no inputs. In 2023, we worked with the ISVV (Institut Scientifique de la Vigne et du Vin) to carry out tests that confirmed the hypotheses put forward regarding the ability to simply reduce this alcohol content using the process patented by Jean philippe Ricard, Process Chemistry Engineer and co-founder of CO2 Winery.

Today, CO2 winery solutions have been tested on a number of estates, from prestigious châteaux such as Château Latour, to family estates in the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation, such as Château Peychaud, and cooperative wineries such as Caves de la Loire.

The company has received assistance from the Nouvelle Aquitaine region, and is preparing to raise funds by the end of 2023.

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The founders

Jean-Philippe Ricard
Technical and Innovation Director
Matthieu PLANTE
Sales and Marketing Director