New class of start-ups in the PRIMEURS 2024 program

Dec 8, 2023 | News, Press releases

Bernard Magrez unveils the start-ups in the class of 2024 of its incubator dedicated to innovations in the world of wine

Following a call for applications, a selection panel made up of 10 experts in innovation and the wine sector has just chosen the new start-ups, class of 2024, who will join the Bernard Magrez Start-up Win incubator for support and guidance.


The selection jury for the class of 2024

A multi-disciplinary jury made up of experts in innovation and the wine sector nominated projects of a unique or innovative nature. This year's entries stood out for projects combining tech, data and circular economy initiatives. Strong trends shaping the wine world of tomorrow.

  • Ambre NELET - VitiREV Coordinator - Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region
  • Perrine DUTREIL - Communication Manager - Bordeaux Wines - CIVB
  • Stephanie HILLARD - Demeter Investment Director
  • Anna HUCHET - IP Project Manager - IP Lawyer - INPI
  • Anne-Charlotte REIX - Start-up Manager UNITEC
  • Anthony LE BLEIS - Start-up Manager UNITEC
  • Gilles BRIANCEAU - Director, INNO'VIN Cluster
  • Lucile DIJKSTRA - Château La Tour Carnet Operations Manager
  • Camilo GOMEZ - Marketing & Communication Manager Bernard Magrez


Winning start-ups unveiled at Innovaday Investment Forum

The shortlist of start-ups was announced on the occasion of the opening evening of the Forum National de l'Investissement Innovaday at the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez in Bordeaux, the annual innovation event that enables start-ups to meet a panel of targeted investors as well as attend workshops and conferences. The Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win "Primeurs" 2024 class will be present at the show on December 07 at 2:00 pm at the Hôtel de Région in Bordeaux.



France's first 100% circular economy wine packaging and distribution initiative. Carafe aims to market winemakers' wines in reusable barrels to a network of retailers, offering consumers a return to the bulk wine system of yesteryear, where they can fill their own containers and pay only for the contents. This project responds to a tense consumer wine market, to consumers' environmental expectations, and is based on 3.5 billion single-use wine bottles per year in France.



Data mining dedicated to the wine industry. Vinotracker is a consulting firm specializing in data analysis and visualization for wine professionals, providing them with answers to their objectives. Developing communication with customers, identifying the best distribution channels, developing brand awareness, understanding consumer trends, quantifying and promoting the benefits of environmental labels, optimizing environmental impact... These are just some of the opportunities made possible by data visualization and interpretation.


Labox Applications

Digitizing wine & spirits processes. In an increasingly controlled market, where approximation is unthinkable at the risk of incurring major financial losses, Labox Applications is positioned as the digital cellar assistant. From alcohol and volume conversions to alcohol census, alcohol reduction or increase, Labox Applications enables you to make these calculations quickly, reliably and traceably in web-based applications.



Safety tool for agricultural and viticultural workers. In France, agricultural workers report almost 70,000 work-related accidents every year. TouRoule is a hybrid solution between a wireless machine emergency stop system and a lone worker alarm system. Using the user's smartphone, Touroule's functions can be activated both manually and automatically when a dangerous situation is identified.


Vinea Energie

Vinea Énergie supports the winegrowing industry in its decarbonization process with a collection and recycling service for uprooted vines. By not burning their vines in the open air, winegrowers avoid CO2 and fine-particle emissions, and contribute to supplying the region with biomass energy. Thanks to its carbon offsetting method, Vinea Énergie can compensate winegrowers for up to 90% of the cost of their services.


Startfish Bioscience

Regenerating soils through their microbiomes. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 70% of the world's arable land is degraded, mainly due to the depletion of soil microbial biodiversity. This degradation leads to yield loss and crop vulnerability. Startfish Bioscience has the solution: a bacterial biostimulant to restore the soil's keystone micro-organisms and repair its ecosystem - a massive opportunity in the wine industry and its agricultural innovations.



The Oelysium project puts demanding oenophiles at the center of a global, omnichannel and loyalty-building experience around the management of their wine cellar. An extension of the Wine Ambassador startup (winner of the class of 2021), Oelysium is a BtoC hardware solution that presents itself as a connected wine cellar interacting via a digital interface, making it possible to extend a high-end phygital experience to members of its community.


Stan soft

Business management and data visualization software. Dedicated to wine professionals, Stan soft offers a tool for managing their business and beverage inventories. The platform saves precious time, supports decision-making and optimizes margins thanks to analyzed, predictable and automated performance management.



Vinsulation offers recyclable, biodegradable, eco-designed shipping packaging for wine bottles, made from winegrowing waste. Protecting bottles from temperature variations and vibrations during transport, they offer an alternative to traditional expanded polystyrene crates.


For a renewable period of 12 months, these start-ups will benefit from a program called "Primeurs", consisting of enhanced double support provided by Bernard Magrez teams, complemented by daily monitoring byUNITEC start-up managers based at La Cité Numérique in Bègles. They join the other start-ups taking part in the program at the creation (Cépages level) or acceleration (Alumnis and Millésimes levels) stages, for a total of 52 innovative companies supported by the Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win incubator.

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