Clément GAVAULT, Founder of Flakon

May 8, 2023 | Portraits of entrepreneurs

Clément Gavault is the founder of Flakon, France's leading D2C wine tasting company.
Freshly arrived at the Incubateur. It was while working in New York for a major French Champagne house that Clément developed a passion for the sector.
He then tried to train himself in the art of oenology, not without difficulty, given the large number of bottles he had to buy and open in order to broaden his oenological horizons.

On his return to France, he had the idea of creating a tasting brand to enable everyone to discover exceptional vintages easily from home.
To do this, he decided to use an original format, the flacon, used by professionals for 15 years for their B2B sampling, but still largely unknown to the general public.
After a commercial explosion in 2022 thanks to social networks, Flakon has over 30 partner wineries, dozens of retailers and thousands of customers in France and Europe.

"At Flakon, our mission is to promote the know-how of wine producers, by creating exceptional wine-tasting experiences that invite discovery and sharing," explains Clément
. The brand is currently raising funds to accelerate its development and become the European leader in its niche. To be continued... !

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