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Viti-Tunnel: an innovative project What is Viti-Tunnel? Viti-Tunnel is a device that automatically shelters vines during rainfall and extreme climatic events. It prevents the development of fungal diseases, which are responsible for the majority of phytosanitary treatments. As a result, the use of phytosanitary products can be reduced by over 90%. Its innovative system also protects vines from frost, hail and climatic coulure. What are the results? After 5 years of experimentation and proof-of-concept in the vineyards of 10 châteaux throughout the Gironde region, and under the scientific, methodological and operational supervision of the Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV), we have demonstrated that Viti-Tunnel meets two major objectives pursued by all winegrowers: - Safe harvesting: Viti-Tunnel protects vineyards from crop losses due to disease, frost and hail. - Reducing the use of plant protection products: Viti-Tunnel reduces the use of plant protection products and sprayers by over 90%. What are the applications? By reducing the use of plant protection products by over 90%, Viti-Tunnel is a solution for areas subject to increasingly stringent regulations. These include vineyards located near dwellings, establishments catering for the vulnerable (schools, EHPAD, nurseries, etc.), as well as vineyards located near watercourses.

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