Artisan wines, corporate tastings. Mon Vin Nature, the elegance of terroir for every palate.
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Mon Vin Nature

Oenological Emotion Revealer

Our history

Mon Vin Nature was born of my passionate quest for exceptional wines and the desire to share these treasures with the world. The idea germinated during my explorations of the world's vineyards, where I discovered small, dedicated producers.

Thus was born the adventure of Mon Vin Nature, a platform dedicated to connoisseurs and enlightened wine lovers. Each Mon Vin Nature bottle is the result of a meticulous selection by artisan winemakers, fervent defenders of their terroirs. These unique wines captivate with their authentic character, revealing the passion and expertise of their creators.

We highlight rare grape varieties and confidential cuvées, offering a tasting experience that transcends borders. Corporate tastings the world of wine is an invitation to share and discover.

What we offer

Mon Vin Nature offers introductory tasting sessions directly in the workplace.

Our expert sommeliers guide your teams on a sensory journey, revealing the secrets of food and wine pairing, and sharing the richness of each bottle. Strengthen your team's cohesion while exploring the subtleties of the wine world. Commitment to sustainability We are committed to sustainable viticultural practices. Mon Vin Nature works closely with producers who respect the environment, promote biodiversity and minimize their ecological footprint.

Each bottle bears witness to our commitment to preserving our terroirs and promoting responsible viticulture.

Testimonials from our insiders

Pierre L., HR Manager. "My Vin Nature has broadened my oenological horizons. Each bottle is a unique sensory adventure."

Mathilde R., loyal customer. "The corporate tastings added a convivial dimension to our team. An enriching and memorable experience."

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The founders

Elie Dorozala