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Originally from the Pessac-Léognan region, I've always had a passion for wine, and followed the impact of technology on winemaking with technical curiosity. Surrounded by winegrower friends and acquaintances, it was only natural that when ENGINEO was created (and even before), I decided to put my skills, which until then had been destined for industry, at the service of this world: the development of automated tools and systems.

Based on a clear observation: 90% of winegrowing operations are very small businesses, increasingly faced with recruitment problems, the vagaries of the weather, and reductions in inputs - what can we do to help these winegrowers who are experiencing real rush periods during the harvest and vinification phases?

The answer is clear: automate recurring, energy-intensive and time-consuming phases, so that these winegrowers can offload their work and focus on higher value-added tasks. But the stakes are high: this automation must be accessible and inexpensive.

ENGINEO has therefore developed products that carry the NeoWine label.

The story began with the equipment we now call Vin'up. Vin'up is a fully-automated pump control cabinet capable of managing cycles of up to 12 starts per day on an installation with up to 8 pumps.

The second product we've developed is an automatic barrel picker, called Vineo. It pigeage automatically using adjustable cycles. Its deployable pigeage unit is controlled vertically at variable heights, and rotates on itself to ensure proper treatment of the entire cap of marcs. The results obtained are of the highest quality.

These products have proved their worth on small farms, particularly in the Pessac-Léognan appellation.

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