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Welcome to eBottli

Revolutionize supply chain traceability for the food and beverage industry

Our history

Founded in 2019, eBottli Pty Ltd was created by a dedicated team of entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts sharing a common vision: to transform the way the beverage industry manages its supply chain.

Our journey began with a commitment to provide innovative traceability solutions that bring transparency and efficiency to every stage of the production process.

Our product: The eBottli platform

eBottli Traceability Suite:
At the heart of our offerings is the eBottli Traceability Suite, a comprehensive platform designed to give food and beverage producers real-time visibility into their supply chain. Covering everything from raw material sourcing to distribution, our suite ensures accuracy, efficiency and compliance throughout the production cycle.

Mobile applications for connected workers:
eBottli provides mobile applications for connected workers, enabling real-time tracking of all activities carried out by growers and winemakers. From bin, barrel and rack management to bottling, pallet tracking and box management, our mobile applications streamline operations and improve productivity.

Recent projects

Collaboration with Foodland supermarkets:
In a recent collaboration with Foodland supermarkets, a well-known South Australian brand with 100 stores, eBottli implemented its traceability solutions to optimize food sourcing and production. The result was a more streamlined process, from farm to fork, with improved quality control.

Integration with Sorby Adams Wines in Barossa, South Australia:
Sorby Adams, an artisan winery, partnered with eBottli to integrate our platform into their existing systems. The seamless integration facilitated better barrel tracking, enabling Sorby Adams to easily trace the location of specific barrels and lots.

Customer testimonials

"Our team at Wine Bottling Solutions has now moved away from manual procedures".

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The founders

Nathalie Taquet
CEO and Director
Nicolas Foata
CTO - Technical Director

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