B2B dealmaking platform for wines and spirits: simpler, faster, cheaper negotiations.
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WeWine is a SaaS solution for fast B2B transactions in the wine and spirits sector. The trading platform enables buyers and sellers to conclude remote transactions very quickly, as well as place and confirm orders.

With WeWine, you can access a worldwide database of customers, finding potential buyers or sellers of products in your desired product and price category.

MATCH ENGINE ranks the offers received according to the priorities you have chosen, for a quick comparison and better selection.

Then, using NEGOCIATION BOARD, you can negotiate individual terms with each selected counterparty.

WeWine offers the possibility of negotiating different conditions for different SKUs, even with the same supplier. The product sheets in the catalog are created exclusively by the producers.

All existing members of the producer's trading chain can connect to their cards via the WECHAIN function, with automatic translation of the card into their native language. This feature is particularly useful for import-export operations.

As for the producer, he can follow his brand's journey (BRAND JOURNEY) in real time, seeing exactly how the product is being sold by all his commercial partners.


The low cost of WeWine is not insignificant. A monthly subscription with a maximum fee of 99 euros. This will cut your negotiation costs per customer by a factor of 10.

Innovative technology

If you want to use the very latest technology, use the service of our AI-powered WeWine assistant. Trained in the platform's transactions, it will offer you incredible opportunities to close deals quickly, doing all the routine work for you. All you have to do is make the key decisions.

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The founders

Artem Pothekhin
Technical Manager
Pierre Solignac