Le Vin En Rose

The first brand to bring together Occitanie's pretty rosés with emotion, innovation and eco-responsibility.
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Le Vin En Rose is a Rosé Purchase Trigger from Occitanie, bringing together all the region's rosé wines. An umbrella brand that's exciting, eco-responsible and simple for consumers.

The difference:

  • Presenting a variety of quality rosés from all the departments of Occitanie, without the complicated wine codes.
  • Offer 3 ranges with unique graphic creations in screen-printed bottles to be reused as decanters.
    • Range no. 1 (currently being tested): #roséstoutelannée (cuvées linked to specific consumer moments: Valentine's Day, spring rosé, Christmas rosé, etc.).
    • Range no. 2 (in the pipeline): #rosésdoccitanie (rosé du Gard, rosé du Lot, rosé du Tarn etc.....).
    • Range no. 3 (in the pipeline): #bouteillepersonnalisable (a unique concept of simple, free and fast one-to-one personalization).

The business model :

The trading start-up, created in 2021, buys, stocks and sells primarily to supermarkets. A pop-up store has been successfully tested. E-commerce requires new skills.

The market:

There is great potential in a rosé market that is expanding and enhanced by Provence.

The founder

David DEBAERE created the "Le Vin En Rose" brand in 2012. His background is very much in "Brands", and he realized that Occitanie wines lacked a value proposition and visibility. Naturally, the challenge presented itself (I could even say I dreamed up the brand!). A really good reason not to give up! Over the past 10 years, we've sold an estimated 60,000 equivalent bottles, confirming that rosé wine is more than just a classic wine: it's the "wine-drink" of the future.

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