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Starfish bioscience's mission is to restore soil microbial ecosystems by developing biostimulant products for viticulture based on a rigorous selection of keystone bacteria.

Why is it important to restore microbial biodiversity to wine-growing soils?

Microorganisms form the basis of the biodiversity that supports all soil functions, such as nutrient recycling, carbon and nitrogen fixation, moisture retention and soil structuring. However, the lack of crop rotation, combined with the use of phytosanitary products, has progressively altered the microbial communities of wine-growing soils, which are now severely damaged. Regenerating this microbial biodiversity is therefore essential to optimize vine growth and ensure the long-term survival of wine-growing soils.

Why use keystone bacteria?

Keystone bacteria are species that act as bioregulators of the microbial population, as they carry out specific unique functions. Their impact on the microbial community is therefore very important, and their disappearance is accompanied by a strong modification of the community as a whole, often resulting in a drop in biodiversity. Our project therefore proposes to identify the keystone bacteria missing from wine-growing soils, in order to restore them and repair microbial biodiversity.

What benefits can we expect from regenerating soil microbiota?

Regenerating the microbial biodiversity of wine-growing soils will reduce the amount of chemical inputs needed for cultivation, while improving tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and limiting soil erosion.

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