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Symposie's story is linked to that of Anthocyane mon amour millésimé.

What is Anthocyane mon amour millésimé?

It's a two-character play with the following pitch:
Malbec, a world-renowned oenologist, has invited Anthocyane to dinner. He's scared to death of entertaining her. He calls on Marc to help him prepare for the evening. Will Marc be able to find the words to give Malbec a little poetry?

What makes this play so remarkable?

Anthocyane was designed to be performed in theaters, of course, but also and above all in unusual places.
By modifying the staging each time, the show adapts to any environment.
We play outdoors, in private homes, for corporate after-work parties or seminars.
When we play at a winegrower's, our Theatre and Tasting concept really comes into its own.

Tell us about your Theatre and Tasting concept

Malbec is an oenologist and Marc an enlightened wine lover. They take us into the technical and poetic world of wine. Before the show, we introduce the audience to sensory tasting. And when the venue allows it, we let them taste one or two wines so that, with glass in hand, they can watch the theatrical performance.
After the show, we offer a range of different formulas, from technical tastings to winegrowers' salons, from cocktail receptions to sit-down meals.

Do you bring in winemakers for each tasting?

For each show, we promote a different wine. By personalizing part of the text, the show highlights a winemaker, an estate or an appellation.
We really enjoy sharing the stage with a winemaker who invites his or her customers or prospects, creating a close relationship with them.

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