Tradevino is the first automated wine management solution for the hospitality industry.
ALUMNIS program
Bordeaux Incubator


Tradevino offers an integrated approach to automating wine inventory management for restaurateurs, via a connected wine cellar and stand-alone software. Our solution aims to optimize their time by reducing storage-related losses, and to improve service quality by offering harmonious food and wine pairings to their customers.

We are currently assisting numerous restaurants with cellar management and wine selection, with convincing results. Our restaurant partners have recorded a significant 15% increase in the average price per bottle sold, leading to a 25% rise in sales. These successes demonstrate the effectiveness and positive impact of our solution on the wine market.

Our partnership with La Sommelière, world leader in wine cellars, strengthens our positioning and growth potential.

We believe that our solution will help encourage environmentally-friendly wineries and reposition the current trend in the French wine market.

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The founders

Mathias LEFAY
General Manager
Purchasing Manager