Wineprotect has developed a patented system that combats frost in the vineyard in an ecological and sustainable way.
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WineProtect is a 100% French family-run business, conceived and developed in Ludon-Médoc, Gironde. The start-up's answer to a simple question: how can we mitigate the spring frosts affecting wine-growing areas in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way?

WineProtect's primary objective is therefore to protect national and/or international vineyards from spring frosts caused by climate change. Over the coming decades, spring frosts will occur more frequently and for longer periods, mainly during the month of April. This initiative therefore aims to protect our winegrowing heritage, which suffers heavy losses every year due to frost. The company's values are based on several points:

  • ecology,
  • sustainability,
  • 100% French manufacturing, with products made from recyclable recycled materials (they're made in Pau in the South-West of France).

Features :

  • Patented, passive, energy-free system.
  • No night watch for winegrowers.
  • No visual, olfactory or auditory nuisance.
  • Protects crops from frost down to - 5°.
  • Protects crops from hail.
  • The system is designed to prevent buds from being burnt during the morning dew.
  • 15-year service life.
  • Features a rebalancing system capable of withstanding 70 km/h wind gusts.
  • Suitable for all types of vine.
  • Dark color retains the sun's heat.
  • 100% made in France.
  • Recycled and recyclable.

How to use :

Quick, simple and effective, the system is placed on each vine to be protected (before and during the frost period). Installation is gentle, WITHOUT FORCE, to avoid breaking buds. The dimensions of this product are designed to allow buds to open without any problem during the protection period. Once the frost period is over, simply remove the system, again gently, and put it away.

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The founders

Déborah Ducamp
Mathieu Ducamp
Wine consultant
Morgan Alamé
Project Manager