Amble Wine

We create practical, fun educational materials that condense knowledge about wine.
Our elders
Bordeaux Incubator


The problem

80% of people interested in wine say they are stagnating in their learning and feel lost when faced with the mass of options available for training. Consumers consider the world of wine to be too complex and elitist. They feel judged when it comes to talking about wine socially, and are intimidated by the idea of training.

Our value proposition

A new, unique and fun way to learn about wine, by putting it into practice in total autonomy, to anchor your knowledge over the long term, with eco-friendly and affordable products! Amble Wine exists to enhance wine culture by making it more accessible and more fun.

To achieve this, we create practical, fun resources for wine enthusiasts that condense knowledge about wine.

Our products

Discover our educational books "Pratique les cartes des vins", "Pratique la dégustation" and "Pratique le vin 1000 quiz sur la vigne et le vin".

  • All our materials are printed in France on 100% recycled paper.
  • We also offer a collection of some twenty vineyard maps from around the world.
  • All our products are available in English and French.

Our distribution

We ship our products worldwide from the Amble Wine website. You can also find our products in specialized and general wine bookshops, at selected wine merchants, directly from our partner wineries or at wine and hotel schools.

Our customer / target

We work in B to B and B to C.

  • Our B to C customer works in the wine trade, for example as a sommelier or wine trainer.
  • Our B to B customer is a school or a boutique: for example, we are referenced at the Cité Du Vin in Bordeaux.

Our target audience is students and wine enthusiasts.

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