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AsterFox is an innovative digital platform for wine lovers, offering users the opportunity to digitize their wine cellars and receive personalized recommendations from our AI (digital sommelier). Wine-related businesses can use our platform to promote wine brands and increase sales, and we also provide personalized market analysis. The aim of our project is to become the world's leading platform for interaction between wine lovers and wine-related businesses.


AsterFox is not just a platform, but a tool to help users discover new wines, track their preferences and connect with a community of wine lovers. We envision a future where choosing a bottle of wine is no longer a guessing game, but a personalized experience, thanks to our AI sommelier. By providing businesses with insightful analytics, we aim to help them better understand their customers, improve their brand and increase sales.

We aim to provide companies with a data-driven marketing approach, helping them to make informed decisions to develop their brand. Ultimately, our vision is to change the way the world interacts with good wine, making it more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Why we're better

Our unique features such as the digital sommelier, the community aspect and the mix of B2B and B2C offerings set us apart from these competitors. For B2C users, our AI sommelier provides personalized wine recommendations based on various data sources, including the user's digital cellar. Our platform also facilitates a social community where wine lovers can connect, share experiences and develop their passion for wine. For B2B users, our comprehensive analytics provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, preferences and trends, helping companies to strategize and optimize their marketing efforts.

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