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Experts in light and non-alcoholic beverages, we support producers from product development to production.
Our elders
Bordeaux Incubator


Our company :

"A family team of entrepreneurs with a passion for local produce and gastronomy, to help you create your own light or non-alcoholic range, from product development to industrialization.

For the past 3 years, B&S Tech has been supporting winemakers, brewers, distillers, hard seltzer and ready-to-drink producers in the development, formulation and production of their NO/LOW beverages.

Our expertise :

  • De-alcoholization: Thanks to our laboratory, B&S Tech can test your products for de-alcoholization on small volumes.
  • Formulation: We are working on rebalancing de-alcoholized beverages and developing recipes for light or alcohol-free drinks.
  • Production: B&S Tech supports your production with a network of partners that we select according to your needs. In addition to managing your production, we can also advise you on label design, NO/LOW regulations, labeling options and distribution.

Our products :

A successful gamble, reflected in numerous collaborations and products that are winning over consumers!

For example, B&S Tech has supported :

  • Coralie de Boüard in the development of the 0.0% dealcoholized red wine "Prince Oscar" made from grapes grown in the Montagne Saint-Émilion vineyards.
  • Terre de vignerons for its Bertic0%t and No Limit alcohol-free ranges in white, red and sparkling white 0.0%.
  • UBY du pays gascon with its range of rosé and white wines.
  • Moderato for its Cuvée 0% composed of a red, white, rosé and sparkling white wine.
  • Château de Rochefort, from the Nantes region, with its 0.0% de-alcoholized sparkling white wine Le Zéro de Rochefort.
  • Brasserie de Bretagne and Brasserie Vezelay with Dremmwel 0.0%, Armen 0 and Vezelay 0.

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The founders

Stéphane BRIÈRE
CEO and Partner
Hortense BRIÈRE
Partner - Director of Business Development
Chairman and founder

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