Automatic measurement of environmental impact on biodiversity using bees
Bordeaux Incubator


Because pollinators are essential to 75% of the fruit, vegetables and seeds we eat, and because thecollapse of biodiversity is already threatening these insects, we need to speed up and make a success of the agro-ecological transition. But what's lacking are measures of the impact of our environment and farming practices.

Bees are recognized bioindicators, taking high-frequency samples as they forage in the local environment. BeeGuard has created the first solution for automatic, continuous biomonitoring of environmental impacts on pollinators, based on the measurement of bee activity and health, to help agricultural sectors, companies and regions.

We are equipping existing control hives with innovative sensors to use AI to produce direct indicators of impact continuously and automatically throughout the year: food availability and excess mortality.

BeeGuard has more than 5,000 connected hives, and is actively collaborating with INRAE and CNRS on several research projects. The bee biomonitoring solution was successfully launched on the market in 2022 for all agricultural sectors, particularly viticulture.

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Christian LUBAT

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