Mobile application that helps people learn to appreciate wine through fun, interactive lessons, enhanced by wine sample tastings
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Our history

Wineed co-founders Andrey and Ayk have over a decade of experience in the wine industry. In 2008, they successfully established a chain of liquor stores, which has become a major player in Eastern Europe.

Throughout their journey in the industry and in their personal lives, Andrey and Ayk have noticed that many wine consumers encounter the same problems when choosing a wine (in a store or restaurant). People often feel overwhelmed by the variety of options and find it hard to choose the right bottle. Many people don't fully appreciate wine because they don't understand it, but traditional wine courses are long, boring and expensive, and don't meet the needs of the general public.


Wineed is a wine learning app for non-professionals that uses practice, playfulness and joy to approach education. Our secret is that we enable hands-on learning without the need to leave the couch. There's no need to spend time learning about wine by simply reading articles and watching long videos. So, every month, we deliver wine samples to our users. This is where the magic happens. Users simultaneously try samples and use our app. In this way, we can effectively guide them through the world of wine, helping them to better understand their sensations and distinguish between the subtleties of taste when drinking wine. At the end of this journey, the user will have a good understanding of wine without the burden of theory.

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The founders

Co-founder & CTO
Andrey YURIN
Co-founder & CEO

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