Château LeMien

Connecting French wine and Asian markets with web3 technology for maximum financial and cultural value
Strasbourg Incubator


Château LeMien seamlessly integrates the rich history of French wine, a cherished global heritage, with the vast Asian market through innovative web3 technologies, creating an unrivalled blend of financial and cultural value.

We offer a unique opportunity to own vines from selected French vineyards, using blockchain and NFT.

Participants can also take part in our P2H (play-to-harv(est)) game, where the exciting world of decentralized finance strengthens community ties and presents opportunities for profit. Against the backdrop of the current trend towards the tokenization of real assets, widely recognized as RWA (Real World Asset), we distinguish ourselves by digitizing the treasures of France - the revered vines and the delicious wines they produce.

We bring financial stability to French winemakers and open up democratic access to high-quality vineyards for the masses, traditionally excluded because of wealth or social connections.

Our main target market is Asia, a vast and rapidly expanding market that truly values the richness of French wine. At the heart of our story is the search for the "World's Next Superstars".

We collaborate with little-known French winemakers in Asia, supporting their journey to international recognition. In addition, we extend our creative hand to talented artists, inviting them to create limited edition collector's wines and supporting them to reach a wider audience through our innovative platform.

Committed to ESG principles, we give priority to organic vineyards and work with women and minorities. Our aim is to be a company that spreads positive values on a global scale, particularly in Asia, through the emblematic heritage of French wine.

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The founders

Clément TEQUI
Laboratory mentor

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