Bernard Magrez unveils the start-ups in its Strasbourg incubator

May 22, 2024 | News

Bernard Magrez, known for its four Grands Crus Classés in Bordeaux, is extending its influence in the field of wine innovation with the opening of its incubator in Strasbourg. After a successful launch in Bordeaux in 2021, the incubator will set up in Strasbourg in 2023, at the crossroads of Europe, on the premises of the Académie Internationale des Vins (AIVA).


A commitment to innovation

The Bernard Magrez incubator, financed entirely privately, embodies the Group's commitment to "Helping Others", by supporting entrepreneurs with innovative projects in the wine, beer, spirits and technology sectors. Since its creation, over 100 projects have already benefited from its support. The startups supported reflect the challenges and evolutions of the wine world, from artificial intelligence and sustainable viticulture to the circular economy and wine tourism.


Alsace startups in the spotlight

The new incubator in Strasbourg is home to several promising Alsatian startups:

Montclair Tech

Montclair Tech is an innovative, patented process for improving dealcoholized wines by recovering wine aromas from fermentation gases. The process is highly efficient, combining the effects of condensation and absorption. It is flexible in terms of scalability and wine style. It also enables planned differentiation of taste profiles and automation of the process.

Montclair Tech - Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win Strasbourg



WeWine is a global platform for dealmaking В2В in the Wines and Spirits sector. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, WeWine instantly connects a buyer and a producer, making it possible to follow the entire life of the product and the competition in its journey through its network of commercial partners.

WeWine - Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win Strasbourg


Mon Vin Nature

Mon Vin Nature is a platform dedicated to wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Each bottle is the result of a meticulous selection by artisan winemakers, fervent defenders of their terroirs and respectful of the environment. Mon Vin Nature, the elegance of terroir within the reach of every palate, with tastings for individuals and companies.

Mon Vin Nature - Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win Strasbourg



Vinifresh is the energy-saving solution for cooling hot must from summer harvests. It's quick and easy to use, for example, to preserve harvest quality.

Vinifresh - Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win Strasbourg



CYM Drone - VITI'CYM specializes in aerial photography and services using drones for the viticultural sector. The project enables us to understand the problems in vineyards, so as to optimize yields at harvest time.



Carbono is committed to revolutionizing the wine industry by integrating sustainable, eco-responsible practices into every stage of production. Its mission is to minimize the sector's carbon footprint by proposing innovative and accessible solutions, thus helping to preserve our environment for future generations.



GrapeHawk develops and manufactures customized drones, offering tailor-made products and services to provide innovative and effective solutions for every market, including viticulture. Its mission is to optimize agricultural production and promote sustainability through the use of artificial intelligence to analyze images captured by satellites and drones.

GrapeHawk - Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win Strasbourg


Red Clay Bio Food

Red Clay Bio Food offers a solution for revitalizing degraded land.

  • By providing the microflora and microfauna the soil needs to become fertile again.
  • By proposing cultivation methods adapted to the regeneration of the soil.
  • Using bio-stimulation and bio-defence technologies, compatible with organic crops.



Oenoco conceptualizes innovative products and solutions to participate in the revival of deposits in the wine industry. The project covers the entire value chain, from raising awareness among winemakers, through a range of reusable glass bottles, to the design of a crate that optimizes storage space and generates economies of scale in logistics and transport.

Oenoco - Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win Strasbourg



SimpleWine is the simplest e-commerce solution on the market, enabling winemakers to create an online order form for their wines, accessible via a simple QR Code, in less than 10 minutes and without any technical skills.

SimpleWine - Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win Strasbourg


International startups

The incubator also hosts innovative international start-ups:


AsterFox (Russia) is an innovative digital platform for wine lovers, offering users the possibility of digitizing their wine cellars and receiving personalized recommendations from an Artificial Intelligence (digital sommelier).



eBottli (Australia) is a comprehensive platform designed to give beverage industry producers real-time visibility and traceability across their supply chain. Covering everything from raw material sourcing to distribution with accuracy, efficiency and compliance.


Château LeMien

Based on Web3 technology, Château LeMien (Japan) offers the unique opportunity to own vines from French vineyards, using blockchain and NFT via tokenization.


Wineed - Winestyle

Wineed (Russia) is a mobile application that uses new technologies and learning methods to help consumers acquire knowledge & appreciate wine, through fun, interactive lessons enriched by wine sample tastings.


Wine Travel Awards

Wine Travel Awards (Ukraine) promotes wine tourism worldwide through digital tools and events and an annual competition.


A successful initiative

In Bordeaux, the Bernard Magrez incubator has already demonstrated its success with startups such as Starfish Bioscience, which raised €900,000 to develop solutions for regenerating soil microbiota, and W Platform, which raised €2 million for its solution for capturing and valorizing fermentative CO2.

The Bernard Magrez incubator continues to support innovation and entrepreneurship, contributing to the transformation and sustainability of the wine sector. To find out more about Strasbourg startups and their innovative projects, discover our startups.

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